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Sleep Apnea Appliance Dentist in Toledo, OH

Doctor Khan DDS provides sleep apnea dental appliances to help with snoring and TMJ in all ages. Call Great Smiles Family Dentistry.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, are very tired during the day, and snore very loudly, you may have what’s known as sleep apnea.

This potentially serious sleep disorder causes irregular respiratory functions such as loud snoring and periods of time when you stop breathing. This may signal your body to wake up causing insomnia and lack of sleep.


Signs to Look For

  • You may feel groggy
  • Fatigued
  • Fall asleep while doing day to day activities
  • Have problems remembering things

You may have sleep apnea if you display any of these symptoms and should call us immediately to discuss them.

We can make sleep apnea appliance – Please see website below

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