4 Benefits of Invisalign for Children Toledo Ohio

Benefits of Invisalign for Children

When you have questions about Invisalign for children, the expert dentists at Great Smiles Family Dentistry at 4646 Nantuckett Dr Ste D, Toledo, OH 43623 are able to discuss 4 benefits. Call us today for more information.

Benefits of Invisalign for Children Near Me in Toledo, OH
Benefits of Invisalign for Children Near Me in Toledo, OH

Have you been considering Invisalign for your child? If so, then you’ll be glad to hear there are a number of benefits, and that we can provide your child with the aligner here at Great Smiles Family Dentistry in Toledo. Invisalign is an easy method for straightening a child’s teeth, but it’s more than just that. Read on to learn about the 4 benefits of Invisalign for children in Toledo Ohio.

1. Invisalign is more convenient than braces

Children are finicky enough as it is. With traditional metal braces, a child will have to make an adjustment to his or her cleaning routine. For instance, braces can trap bits of food in the wires and brackets, which needs to be removed to prevent tooth decay. Many children just won’t like having to do this regularly.

With Invisalign, your child can simply remove the aligner before brushing and flossing. This means he or she won’t have to make any habitual adjustments whatsoever. Also, the aligner is very easy to maintain. There are other convenience benefits too.

2. Your child’s diet won’t be restricted

With metal braces, a child will also have to make an adjustment to his or her diet. For example, a child with metal braces won’t be able to eat hard foods, sticky foods, or carbonated and surgery drinks. This means no gum, hard or sticky candy, popcorn, nuts, ice, hard breads, chewable vitamins, and some other foods.

With Invisalign, your child’s diet and lifestyle won’t be affected because he or she can simply remove the aligner before eating. It’s as simple as that.

3. Invisalign is nearly invisible!

Braces don’t sound appealing for many children, especially teens. One of the boundaries is that braces aren’t aesthetically appealing. Braces can make a child more conscious about their teeth, but Invisalign is practically invisible. In fact, the aligner is almost entirely unnoticeable, so your child won’t feel so conscious while wearing it. Additionally, the aligner can be removed for social meals, like school lunches, so your child can socialize without worrying about the aligner slipping around while he or she eats.

The Invisalign appliance is made from medical-grade polyurethane resin, which is both unnoticeable and quite comfortable. Comfort is another big benefit of Invisalign!

4. Invisalign can be more comfortable than other options

Wearing Invisalign is easy and not nearly as uncomfortable as braces can be. Braces can be somewhat painful too, but Invisalign generally isn’t. An Invisalign appliance has smooth edges, so it’s generally more comfortable to wear. Also, with Invisalign, there is no risk of broken brace brackets.

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And there you have it: 4 benefits of Invisalign for children. Invisalign is convenient, comfortable, invisible, and unrestrictive! Children will appreciate being able to stick with their routine and not having to worry about the issues with braces. If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign for your child, then get in touch with us here at Great Smiles!

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