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Custom Fitted Mouthguards in Toledo, OH

Custom Fitted Mouthguards in Toledo, Ohio

Custom Fitted Mouthguards Near Me in Toledo, Ohio
Custom Fitted Mouthguards Near Me in Toledo, Ohio

Table of Contents:

How much does a custom sports mouth guard cost?
How do you get a custom fit mouth guard?
Are custom night guards worth it?

How much does a custom sports mouthguard cost?

As custom sports mouth guards are created by dental professionals and require such attention in their creation – and are uniquely custom-fit to an individual – they can cost, on average, anywhere from $100 to $700, depending on the sport in particular, how much material is required in its creation, and any other specifications that your mouth may require.

It is important that when you are looking to be fitted with a custom mouth guard, that you check with your insurance provider to see if the expense of one can be completely or partially covered according to your dental coverage.

How do you get a custom-fit mouthguard?

Custom-fitted mouth guards are prescribed and created by dental professionals and are made from a thermoplastic material. Given that they are based on a detailed mold taken of the individual’s mouth and teeth, they are more expensive than one that you can get from a store. These mouth guards can only be acquired through your dentist and, if you are eligible to receive one, your dentist will help you make arrangements for when you can come in and be fitted with a dental mold to begin the process of creating a mouth guard for you.

These mouth guards are generally made for either sports or to help with the management of night-time teeth grinding, which affects how they are created and made. These mouth guards are generally only fitted to your upper teeth, but in certain situations may also be made for the bottom set of teeth as well.

When creating a custom mouth guard, your dentist will first take an impression of your teeth using a dental putty that adheres to and creates a copy of all the crevices of your teeth and creates an exact mould of your unique smile. The mould is then used – either in the dental office or, as is most often the case, sent to a lab – where the mouth guard itself is created. The structure of the mouth guard is created by layering superheated plastic to precise specifications which are then cooled to create an extremely durable piece of dental hardware.

Are custom night guards worth it?

Because custom-made night or mouth guards are made with precision and are unique to your own particular jawline and smile, they provide the patient with optimal safety and comfort which is something that store-bought or OTC mouth guards cannot achieve. Additionally, the level of protection that these mouth guards can provide cannot be rivalled and their high durability is further enhanced by their snug fit; they hug each tooth closely, eliminating the possibility of any unwanted movement.

If you experience issues with violently grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth at night, then a custom-made and fitted night guard can actually be made thicker, which can help with alleviating and reducing the pressure on the jaw – much more so than one that you could buy over the counter.

One thing to note, however, is that if you do elect to get a custom-made and fitted night guard is that it is recommended that you replace it every few years, depending on the level and wear and tear that your mouth guard goes through and to check and see if there have been any changes to your mouth or teeth that might have an effect on the fit of your mouth guard.

For those looking for help getting fit for a custom sport or night mouth guard, then we here at Great Smiles Family Dentistry are here to help! If you would like to book an appointment with us, please visit us at our website online or give us a call. We serve patients from Toledo OH, Oregon OH, Ottawa Hills OH, Moline OH, Woodhurst OH, Harbor View OH and Shoreland OH.