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Dental Checkups and Cleaning in Toledo OH

Dental Checkups and Cleaning in Toledo, OH

Having a dental exam and cleaning is critical to keeping your oral health in the best shape. It is highly recommended you continue to go in for checkups and exams every six months to one year, call us today at Great Smiles Family Dentistry for more information! We are conveniently located at 4646 Nantuckett Drive Toledo, OH 43623.

Dental Checkups and Cleaning Near Me in Toledo, OH
Dental Checkups and Cleaning Near Me in Toledo, OH

Table of Contents:

What do dental exams and cleaning include?
Why is it important to have dental exams and clean?
How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?
What happens during a dental checkup and cleaning?

What do dental exams and cleaning include?

Regular dental exams are critical in maintaining and preventing your healthy teeth from harmful bacteria and other issues.

During a dental exam, Dr. Nadeem and the hygienist will review your teeth, and clean them to check for any signs of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancers. The exam will include evaluating your risk of developing other oral problems, checking your face, neck, and mouth for any abnormalities as well as may include a dental x-ray or other diagnostic procedures.

Dr. Nadeem Khan DDS or hygienist will discuss your diet as well as your oral hygiene habits and possibly demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques while reviewing what is best for your oral needs.

Why is it important to have dental exams and clean?

Routine dental cleanings and checkups are not just something dentists push for us to continue coming back to them; it is essential for our overall health, to make sure our health is at its peak, but also to save money in the long run.

Dental cleanings and checkups are a part of oral health maintenance which helps to prevent diseases like gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other diseases. Going in for dental cleanings and checkups like this help to save you money on treatments and costs, as they catch any issues beforehand and give recommendations and advice on how to take care of your teeth so you do not run into larger issues in the future.

For proper maintenance of your oral health, it is recommended that you be scheduling a cleaning and routine check-up with your dental office every 6 months to a year.

How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?

While it will depend on your past oral history health, many dentists will recommend that patients come in on average once every six months to one year to prevent dental problems from arising or getting worse.

Dental professionals recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day as well as including mouthwash to help reduce plaque buildup significantly but does not prevent it completely, this is why going in for a dental cleaning and exam is critically needed. The formation of the tartar makes your teeth harder to clean, which makes bacteria thrive and puts patients at risk of suffering from tooth decay, the only way to tackle this is to go in for regular dental cleanings.

As stated previously, dentists may recommend a different time frame for each individual patient to come in for a dental cleaning, as many individuals have different oral health issues that may have your dentist recommend you come back earlier than the 6 months to the 1-year mark.

What happens during a dental checkup and cleaning?

Routine dental exams are a great way for your dentist to identify any oral health issues and catch them in the early stages. Dental clinics are available to help prevent potential issues from becoming severe.

The main parts of a routine dental checkup include:

1. Discussing your dental history
Before the examination of your mouth starts, your dentist may inquire about your previous medical history, and any changes to your overall health which may include medications, conditions, and more. This is to make sure they know any of your allergies, concerns, or anxieties before your cleaning and checkup continue.

2. Teeth cleaning
Oral health checkups will begin with the hygienist scraping off the built-up plaque, flossing your teeth, and offering a thorough cleaning. In addition, you may be offered to have your teeth given a polish to get rid of any leftover residue.

3. Examine your teeth
After the cleaning of your teeth, your dentist will use a metal probe with a small mirror to examine your mouth; they will look for any swelling in the gums, mouth sores, redness, softening of any tooth enamel, and ensure the gyms are correctly attached to your teeth. This helps the dentist help identify any issues and recommend the corrective actions you may need.

4. Dental x-rays
During your dental checkup, a dentist will recommend an x-ray of your mouth, this is to have a more detailed review of your mouth that they may not be able to see with their eyes. These images show your teeth and roots below your gum line.

5. Results from your checkup and recommendations
After the cleaning and checkup, your dentist will offer any recommendations from their exam to help you avoid any dental problems in the future.

6. Scheduling future cleaning and checkup appointments
The final step is to re-book a routine checkup and cleaning. This is to ensure you continue regular checkups and continue to take care of your oral health throughout your life.

If you are interested in improving your oral health, contact Great Smiles Family Dentistry today! For more information, call us! We serve patients from Toledo OH, Oregon OH, Ottawa Hills OH, Perrysburg OH, Woodhurst OH, Sylvania OH, and Shoreland OH.