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Top Rated Pediatric Dentist is Located Near You in Toledo Ohio. Family Dentist Nadeem Khan and Team of Dental Care Specialists Provide the Best Dentistry Services. Get the Pediatric Dental Care Your Child Needs Today. Call (419) 960-4490.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me Toledo Ohio

A child’s health and well-being is a top priority for parents. Did you know that pediatric dental care also plays a vital role in a child’s overall health and well-being? Are you or someone you know looking for a qualified pediatric dentist that both you and your child can feel comfortable with? We have good news!! There is no need to look any further.  If you live in or near Toledo Ohio then why not choose the best in pediatric dentistry and take your family to Great Smiles Family Dentistry. How does a pediatric dentist play a vital role in my children’s overall well-being? What specialized treatments will my child’s pediatric dentist provide? Why is Great Smiles Family Dentistry the right pediatric dental choice for my family and child?

How does a pediatric dentist play a vital role in my children’s overall well-being?

Receiving proper dental care is of vital importance all throughout our lives. Choosing a pediatric dentist for your children really begins when they are still infants. Even young children can suffer from a lack of good oral hygiene. Sadly, Early Childhood Caries is an infectious disease that is becoming more and more common in young children. This condition presents itself when a child has one or more missing, decayed, or filled tooth surfaces in a primary tooth before a child is even old enough to attend school. A leading cause in this infection disease is bacteria that forms from a child drinking from a baby bottle. It is important for a parent to schedule an appointment with their child’s pediatric dentist within the first six months of the eruption of the child’s first tooth. This preventative step will aid in your child’s oral hygiene and development as well as greatly reduce the risk of developing early childhood caries syndrome. Your family’s pediatric dentist will be able to provide you with the valuable oral hygiene education that will bring lasting benefits to the whole family.

What specialized treatments will my child’s pediatric dentist provide?

Dr Nadeem Khan of Great Smiles Family Dentistry and his team specialize in a variety of treatments that are specifically related to a child’s oral hygiene and development. Comprehensive pediatric dental care includes oral health exams and education regarding oral hygiene from the time your baby’s first tooth appears. They can provide you with counseling regarding habits a child might develop that can have a negative impact on proper oral development. Preventative oral well-being visits would include cleanings, and possible fluoride treatments if necessary, and diagnosis of any oral conditions that can be related to other serious health problems or diseases. Dr Khan will be able to make early assessments and recommendations regarding your child’s teeth and possible orthodontics needs. Treatments also include repairs for cavities, defects in the teeth, or even tooth injury.

Why is Great Smiles Family Dentistry the right pediatric dental choice for my family?

Sadly, statistics show that children’s dental care is often neglected and this causes many complications for a child’s overall well-being and oral development. But your children and family do not have to be another statistic. The dentists at Great Smiles Family Dentistry are here to help and provide the best in dental services for the entire family. Toledo’s own Dr Khan, as well as his team, have years of specialized training and experience to offer to each of their patients. Here at Great Smiles Family Dentistry we understand that each child is unique and their patience has a limit. Our team is dedicated to doing their very best to make sure your child feels comfortable and is given the best care for all dental needs. We want to build a relationship of trust that both you and your child can feel good about. Your child deserves the very best in dental care. So why not choose one of the top rated pediatric dentists right near you? Call and make an appointment with Dr Khan of Great Smiles Family Dentistry. Our team looks forward to building a lasting relationship with the entire family as we serve all of your dental needs.

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