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Dental Implants Toledo Ohio

Great Smiles Family Dentistry Offers Affordable Dental Implants in Toledo OH. Top Toledo Dentist Nadeem Khan, DDS Specializes in Dental Implants. Call to Learn More (419) 960-4490.

Dental Implants Near Me Toledo Ohio

Everyone is born with his or her own unique smile. A person’s smile is often a defining characteristic for them. But for some people challenges with their teeth have lead them to try their best to avoid smiling altogether. They might feel self-conscious or embarrassed by how their teeth look when they smile. Have you ever felt self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile? Did you know that there are dental services near you that can help? Here at Toledo’s own Great Smiles Family Dentistry we believe that everyone deserves to receive the very best in dental care so that their own unique smile can shine through. No one should have to shy away from giving a big smile. Dental implants could be just the answer you have been looking for to help you feel confident about your personal appearance and oral health. What is a dental implant and the benefits associated with it? What is involved in getting a dental implant? Can I trust my dental implants needs to Great Smiles Family Dentistry?

What is a dental implant and the benefits associated with it?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure that will replace a missing or damaged tooth with an artificial tooth that looks and feels just like your own tooth did. A dental implant offers you solid support for your new tooth because it is secured with a screw like post into your jawbone. This benefit in itself is the reason many have chosen an implant instead of a bridge or dentures. A titanium tooth implant will fuse with your jawbone and will keep the implant from slipping or causing any bone damage. For patients who are unable to wear dentures a dental implant, or implants, can be an excellent option. Your implants can even help improve your speech if it is being affected by missing or damaged teeth. The implant process does take a few months to complete but the finished results are well worth the time.

What is involved in getting a dental implant?

Implant specialist Dr Nadeem Khan of Great Smiles Family Dentistry and his team want you to feel comfortable with the entire implant process. They will meet with you and discuss step-by-step what you can expect with each phase of the implant, answer any questions you might have, as well as discuss which anesthesia option is right for your surgery. If a damaged tooth is being replaced this will be removed before the implant process is started. Your jawbone will be prepared for surgery and a small incision will be made to place the screw like implant into your jawbone. Then, you will go through a healing period during which your jawbone will heal and grow around the new screw implant. After the healing process Dr Khan will use impressions and make the final placement of your new tooth.

Can I trust my dental implant needs to Great Smiles Family Dentistry?

ABSOLUTELY!! Dr Khan is one of Toledo Ohio’s top rated dentists who specializes in dental implant procedures. Both Dr Khan and his dental team have years of extensive education and experience to offer to each of their patients. We make use of the most up-to-date technology to deliver outstanding results for any procedure. Here at Great Smiles Family Dentistry we realize that each patient is unique and deserves to have the opportunity to look and feel their best. We pride ourselves in offering the best in dental services, while at the same time, making sure these services are at prices everyone can afford.  Don’t let your self-esteem and your oral health suffer any longer. Call and visit with a member of our trustworthy dental team today and find out how our specialists can make a difference in your life. To learn more contact us at (419) 960-4490.


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